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RECenter Camps and Classes

JST instructional classes and camps are taught through Fairfax County Park Authority recreation centers and locations.


Camps are also available during seasonal school breaks and holidays.


Please click on the link below for a listing of our seasonal offerings.


Players learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and defense. Intermediate/Advanced classes focus on offensive and defensive strategies as well as specific position development.

*Classes include games and scrimmages incorporating skills learned.


Players learn hitting techniques of forehands, backhands, volleys, serves and strategy while having fun through confidence-building drills and games. Games include breakout, racket relay, and froggie volley.


Players learn fundamental techniques of kicking, passing, dribbling, ball control, and defense. Develop a love for the sport as each class includes confidence-building drills and games incorporating skills learned. Activities include footwork agility, relays, world cup and many more!


Players are introduced to the game called the “National Pastime.“ Learn how to throw, catch, and hit, in addition to fielding and base-running techniques. Activities include race to base, pop fly, batter-batter, and strikeout!

*Classes include games and scrimmages incorporating skills learned.


Players develop and enhance skills of passing, catching, route running, and defense.


Each class includes scrimmages incorporating offensive and defensive strategies learned.


Activities include the gauntlet, capture the football, and the combine course.


Learn popular dances along with other styles including popping, locking, break dance and choreography. Dancers love busting out their moves with new dance, high energy games and dance battles.


Students are introduced to the basic elements of ballet and tap movements to build a foundation for progression.


Classes ignite students’ imagination through creative games and stories, while focusing on muscle development, coordination, musicality, and most of all - having fun and building the love of dance!


This fun and exciting class combines low, moderate and high energy dance routines from different decades.


No experience or partner necessary.


Barre training is the hottest new fitness class for a balanced, agile, and strong body. This class combines ballet-inspired moves with other elements of dance and creative movement, helping you move through daily life with less effort and more confidence.


Classes will incorporate a ballet barre and small equipment, using traditional dance moves alongside classical ballet positions and stretches.

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